April 2018 Product Updates

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Now that the school year is back in full swing, we thought we'd share some of the updates Parent Interviews has received over the last two months, designed to help your school better manage your parent-teacher interviews.

Shared time slots

Before shared time slots, only one parent could book a time to see a teacher, however many schools wanted the flexibility of allowing more than one parent to attend a time slot for a teacher.

Now when you create an event, you can choose how many parents can book a time slot for a teacher. These are then shown on the teacher's timetable for the event. 

Improved interview cancellations

Teachers and school staff have the ability to cancel one or all of a parents bookings, but now your staff can choose to notify the parent about the cancellation, and include an optional message for the parent.

We hope this feature makes it easier to notify parents when a scheduling change occurs and they need to re-book their interviews.

Text messages

For schools using our text message reminders and timetables, you can now track the historical usage of the text messages your school is sending out. This is available in the Text Messages section on the Settings page.

To help improve efficiency of this service, we now also require your school to have a valid payment method added to your account in order to use text messages. This payment method will automatically be billed each month for the text messages your school has sent. This does not apply to our Partner Schools.

Ability to edit parents

Your school staff can now update the details of parents registered to one of your events, and add additional students to their account.

Timetable improvements

Staff can now choose to generate a timetable for a specific date of an event, helping them organise for the next day of parent-teacher interviews. We've also given the formatting some love, and the timetables are now consistently formatted similarly to the parent timetables.