What to check before starting your event

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One of the common things we get asked by schools new to Parent Interviews is what steps they need to take to ensure their event goes off without a hitch, so we thought we'd go over a few things you can do to tailor Parent Interviews for your school.

Parent Interviews offers a wide range of features to customise the experience your staff and parents have when managing their interviews, so it's important to double-check everything is set to match your school's requirements before you start accepting interviews.

Changing your School Theme

By default Parent Interviews will show a dark blue header to parents booking their interviews, but you can customise the colour shown on the parent booking website to match your schools branding. This setting can be found in the School Details section of the Settings page.  

Setting up School Administrators

Parent Interviews has two types of users, teachers, and school administrators. School Administrator accounts are typically used by senior staff (such as the principal or deputy principal) and any staff member dealing with bookings like office managers or receptionists. They can perform certain actions not available to teachers, such as:

  • book interviews for parents for any teacher.
  • create and update events.
  • set breaks for all teachers.
  • print timetables for all teachers.
  • change what teachers can and can't do using their account.

Before starting your event, it’s a good idea to:

  • check who has school administrator accounts.
  • add any additional staff who might need access.
  • remove staff who don’t require access or are no longer with the school.

For any staff who haven't used Parent Interviews before, you can create a dummy event and let them book a few test interviews or change a few teacher breaks, so they get the hang of the various processes before the actual event.

Checking Teacher Permissions

Depending on your particular setup, you might like teachers to have some autonomy when it comes to their bookings, or you might prefer them to go through a school administrator for certain actions.

Regardless of which setup your school uses, it's a good idea to check what your teachers can and can’t do using their account before you start accepting interviews.

In the Teachers section of the Settings page, Parent Interviews gives you the option of allowing teachers to:

  • set their own breaks.
  • book interviews on behalf of parents.
  • cancel bookings.

You can also customise how you want teacher's names to be displayed, and how they should be sorted when presenting them in a list.

The number of breaks a teacher can set themselves can also be limited. This can be useful if you want teachers to set one or two breaks, but don’t want them blocking out entire days without prior approval. You can access this setting from the Interview Breaks page when viewing an event.

Adding Default Rooms

Parent Interviews lets you hold interviews either in a central location or different rooms depending on the teacher.

If your school usually holds interviews in the teacher’s classroom, you can assign each teacher with their classroom or room number as their Default Room. This way you don’t have to manually set rooms every time you go to create an event. 

To set a Default Room for a teacher, simply edit their account in the Teachers section and fill in the Default Room field. 

When you create an event that uses rooms, teachers with a Default Room will be assigned their room. If needed, you can override the teacher's room for just that event once it's created.