Simple parent-teacher conferencing for schools

Plan your events, collect bookings from parents, and keep teachers in the loop. No paper forms. No training required.

Collect bookings from your parents without paper forms

With one simple event code, parents use our online portal to choose the times they'd like to see their child's teachers, without needing to fill out any booking forms and send it back to school.

Your staff can view a live, up to date copy of their timetable with the details of the people they'll be seeing, and have the ability to contact them if needed.

Frontline staff and receptionists can take phone bookings from parents using our staff portal, and send them their timetable directly to their phone after the interviews have been booked.

Designed for your school

Hold your events in a single location or in different rooms? Are there multiple dates parents can book? One parent per interview, or does your school hold group conferences with multiple parents?

Whatever way your school runs your events, Parent Interviews has been built with flexibility in mind, giving you a wide range of options to ensure the best fit for your school.

Brand the parent booking portal to match your school colours, create as many events as you need for any occasion, and customise each aspect of the event to suit your school.

Increase parent attendance and engagement with your staff

One major hassle when hosting parent-teacher interviews is when parents don't show up to their bookings, or show up at the wrong time.

With Parent Interviews, email and text message reminders help parents keep track of what bookings they have on certain dates, and reduce the likelihood of missing their interviews.

By switching to Parent Interviews from paper forms, some of our schools have doubled parent attendance through the use of our event reminders, helping connect both teachers and parents.

Gain a deeper insight into how your events are performing

Without some spreadsheet wizardry and a lot of time, paper booking forms provide very little feedback about your events. How many parents are attending? Do you need more time slots for certain teachers?

Using our built-in tools you can drill down into your booked interviews and find out how your events are performing in order to better tailor your events for parents and staff.

Not only this, but Parent Interviews also gives you the ability to export interviews so you can perform your own analysis of your bookings.

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