Packed full of features

Parent Interviews is designed to simplify the process of running parent-teacher conferences for your school

Email and SMS Reminders

Reduce no-shows through our automated reminders, with email reminders included free of charge in your plan.

Parents and staff receive a text message or email with their timetable on the day of their bookings.

Multiple Events

Run as many events as required at once with their own sets of staff, such as separate junior/senior interviews.

It doesn't have to stop at parent-teacher interviews. Parent Interviews has been used for uniform shop timetabling.

Campus Maps

If your school has a large campus, parents who don't know their way around can put teachers behind schedule.

Upload maps of your school so they can find their way around your campus to their bookings.

Teacher Breaks

Does a teacher have other commitments during your event? Easily block out teachers time slots with our Teacher Breaks feature.

You can even allow your staff to set their own breaks, and define a limit to the number of breaks they can take.

Booking Codes

A single booking code is all that parents need to get started and book their interviews.

Each event has its own booking code, making it easy to distribute booking codes to certain groups of parents.


Parent Interviews includes tools that help you keep track of your school's account.

If you need certain data, such as event statistics, then our support team is more than happy to oblige.

Cloud-based System

No forms to send home and bring back to school, or timetables to organize as everything is managed securely for you in the cloud.

Your parents and staff can manage their bookings anywhere in the world.

Custom Branding

Reinforce your schools branding with parents by customizing the booking portal to match your school colors.

For our providers with multiple centers, apply your branding to all of your centers with ease.


Timetables include areas where parents and staff can write down notes during their interview.

Parents can leave a comment with their bookings so that teachers know exactly what to discuss.


Bookings are held in a single location, or staff can be split up into their own classrooms.

Teachers can be assigned default rooms which are automatically assigned to them for any new events.

Data Import

Easily import new teachers using a spreadsheet into your account to help get set up quickly.

Our support team can also lend a hand importing any tricky data sets containing your teachers.

Multi-Slot Bookings

In order to ensure all parents have a chance to see their child's teachers, allow teachers to see multiple parents at once.

Parent Interviews supports up to 10 bookings per time slot for a teacher.

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